Saturday, August 29, 2009

What's in my School Makeup Bag?!!??

Soo I don't know if it's a Croatian thing (because another beauty blogger Tali seems to have the same tendency) but I love putting together little makeup bags for various occasions. I have a school makeup bag, beach makeup bag, library makeup bag, and another small bag that goes along with any of these, that has little creams and blotting sheets, medicine and etc.

I don't really like it when people apply makeup in public (even if it's public bathrooms we're talking about!), and I hate it even more when it's me, so most of this stuff is very quick/portable. Just leave a message if you want a review of anything. Some of my favorites are in this bag, as well as my newest obsession- EOS lip balms!! I'm hoping to add illamasqua cream blush in *promise* soon, but neither of the two sephoras had illamasqua in store, and I just haven't gotten around to buying online.

I'll start from the left and kind of go counterclockwise:

*bag - Recently got this on sale from Body Shop for $3!
*some mini tweezers I found at Marshalls
*Mark Good Riddance concealer in light - love this
*body shop lightening touch concealer in 03 (got like 6 of these on sale for $3 at body shop)
*2x Estee Lauder Artist's eye pencil- 01 softsmudge black
*laura mercier sharpener
*Victoria's Secret atomizer -I think I have Sexy Little Things Noir in there
*Burberry the Beat mini- my FAVORITE scent right now
*Avon Glazewear Lipgloss in Darling Pink- I love these, they are seriously the best lip glosses on the planet, they smell like creme brulee and they often go on sale for $ 1.99 on
*Nyx jumbo pencil in white- highlighting brow bone on the go
*Lancome lip gloss swarovski diamond thing -I melted one of my favorite estee lauder lipsticks in there
*Lancome Baume Baiser in Rose Marshmallow- love the scent and packaging but balm is crap
*EOS organic lip balm in honeydew melon -yum yum I have to do a review on this
*Body Shop Cheek Blush in L-R: ,Golden Pink, (<- not positive on that name),Heather Pink, Toast Shimmer
*Benefit Posietint mini
*Lancome Magique Blush in Feminine Rose - Love this too bad it's discontinued
*Stila Convertible Duo in Lilium/Gerbera
*Avon Glazewear Lipstick in Plastic Pink- LOVE LOVE this, discontinued once again, but this is the perfect perfect cool/pale pink for me
*Body Shop Rose lipstick in 01 - a tie for my favorite lipstick ever
*MAC Slimshine lipstick in Gentle Simmer
*Chanel Levres Signees Palette -don't really like the consistency of this too much, but great on the go and for the mirror (I'm a vain girl! lol)

Some closeups and the EOS Balm (I have another flavor, will do review soon)


  1. Glad you like the EOS balm hun! i think i may buy a few for competitions! they're great!!!

  2. I wish i didnt see this post.. now i want to buy so much more stuff! UGH!
    GREAT stuff by the way! x

  3. Thank you so much for the sweet comment hun! You really made my day better : ) It's nice to know other people believe that those trouble makers are failures in life like I do lol.

    Everything in your makeup bag is cute. The balm is an adorable concept! & I see Hello Kitty peeking out from under the bag lol.

  4. Wow....I think you have more makeup in that little bag than I did my whole life!!! Can you tell I don't know much about makeup? I have to learn from my little sister....haha Good thing there are blogs like yours to help me!

  5. wow. so much stuff O_O lol. stunning makeup products though!!! =]

    it was a creek turtle... at least according to my hunnie. hahaha. We only put a little water, enough for it's arms and legs. lol.

  6. I don't know if it's because it was like my only pet when I was a kid, but I think they're soo adorable

  7. The mini posie tint is SO CUTE! I want it! lol
    In the uk you can never find the stila convertible duos.. they sold out so fast. Looks like a great color.
    Great stuff hon!! xox