Saturday, June 27, 2009

On Vacay and Labellos!

Whoo I'm done with the MCAT..for now. I think it went terrible, but fortunately I have to wait a month before I can know exactly how terrible.

Anyways, I am on vacation right now and I happened to snap a picture of some things before I left. I've been hauling like crazy the past month...mostly online because I couldn't leave the house while I was studying. Then I discovered Body Shop's 3 for $10 makeup sale (their previous seasons' makeup that was amazing quality and that I paid full price for at the time :( ) and I went to the mall like every day for 3 days in a row to get more and more. More pictures of that haulage soon.

Here's a recent picture of my labello collection. I absolutely love these!! I remember using them as a baby in Europe and I have never found anything better for my problem lips. My lips chap like no other and that's why I am always looking for the perfect moisturizing lipstick that won't show it. These balms work really well and they are very cheap, even when you have to order them over Ebay or "Evil-bay" as one of my very favorite beauty bloggers (The Muse!) calls it. The good news is that you can now buy the regular kind and the spf kind in the US, except for that they will say Nivea on them because Nivea apparently bought the Labello company. Sorry for the crappy pic.

L-R. (from back). Original, Med Protection, Star Fruits Strawberry, Star Fruits Passion Fruit, Sensitive (chamomile scented), Milk & Honey, Rose, Good Night Kiss and Light Kiss.

I also have the Sun spf one but it was in my beach makeup bag at the time of the picture.

Light Kiss is the newest labello, the only one in the pot, and feels really nice on the lips. It turns to a liquid once applied to the lips and gives the lips a cooling sensation. It really feels like you just put some water on your lips, but moisturizes really well too.


  1. I love labello!!! My favorite is milk & honey. I don't believe Nivea has released that flavor yet though.

  2. Lol.. i do that when it comes to foreign lipbalms.. there is oe in croatia in ROasl.. i have every flavour and kind!! My fave is milk and honey!!

  3. Tammy- I hope Nivea does release it soon (even though I have a feeling they won't be releasing anymore flavors) because it sucks buying the labello off of ebay!

    Tali- I know, right now I am obsessed with EOS lip balms, luckily they only have 3 flavors. I have to check out the ROasl!